Power Distribution Box

A simple little prject to get me back in the swing of things.

Last year, I bought a 30A power supply. However, it only has one set of output terminals and no current meter. When I used an old car battery, I had made an inline ammeter with the voltage/current module from Banggood. I would prefer to be able to connect each radio to the power-supply seperately - that is, not to stack the power connectors. I first though to knock up a simple panel with four sets of 4 mm banana sockets. But then that idea grew to become a Power Distribution Box with ammeter and switchable outputs.

30A PSU 50A ammeter (top view) 50A ammeter (front view)

I have several plastic and metal boxes that would be physically suitable, but I would like it to match the main power supply. Metal boxes that match are pretty expensive on their own, and I would have to buy it through the 'net, which would add postage charges as well. So... I figured I would kick off my "homebrewing" by making my own box as well.

Planned box Baseplate with markings